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Project Description

Project Brief

In 2016, Cathedral District leadership and Propeller Communications commissioned Forsythe Creative to develop a visual brand for Tulsa’s newly organized downtown zone. The brand would give a face to the hopeful future of the district, while still upholding the brand integrity of Tulsa’s oldest churches, Tulsa Community College, and a growing number of small businesses. The end result is a rich blend of traditional colors, dynamic geometry, and whimsical typography — characteristic of the growing energy and revitalization of downtown Tulsa.



Scalable Design

The possibilities are wide open for Tulsa’s growing Cathedral District, and district leadership look forward to implementing the brand in a variety of applications. In order to uphold a strong visual brand regardless of the setting, Forsythe Creative developed a scalable logo that can be presented in three distinct styles.

The distinct district rose emblem is high impact in both full color and one color applications. The design incorporates elements of a Christian cross, a compass rose, and the majestic towers and steeples of downtown Tulsa.